project management

You tend to think of the corporate management and organizational management at the center that it is efficient, but the management is more comprehensive, is a complex, complicated.
Not that it is bad all that the pursuit of efficiency, we would like to aim to management that inclusion and the social value (effect on the cost) economic value.

As you know, since the organization should have meant that it is a collective body to pursue a common mission that is,
each working in the organization, at each level thinking of the organization, creating a cooperation and solidarity to the organization I want to raise.

I will Tazusawara to the work of the organization and personnel, we have received a variety of requests.
Among them, will be able to experience the most reform and transformation of the company, this is a project management consulting.
Good points, bad points for companies, there is a convention that is ingrained, to not be able to get out of the frame, there is a company you are in a suffering that can not respond to changes in the environment.
This service is a measure to optimize the value chain that have been built in the organization, improve the business performance improvement services.

Regardless of the size of the company, because it is available services, please contact us by all means.

The PJ management consulting, while expand the project measure the penetration of new corporate culture, is a service program to produce a persistent “strong organization”. Our most, consulting that specializes.

By all means, let’s raise create the organization to unite together.

have gotten use to everyone of these companies

Awareness of employee
‘AS Given a little, but it should not be understood to do is do advance “to deny the reform”.
In addition, it is the idea you do not know well, criticized the current situation, reform even the deny.
I think of things that other responsibility of the spread, does not come out is human resources with a sense of ownership.

Alternation of generations of executives
progressed aging of employees, but we must proceed promptly generation change, Who do I do handpicked executives, it does not come into view.

Retirees of increase
in recent years, retirees because the has been increasing, but it has taken a variety of measures, it is impossible to give a specific response measures.

※ I do not know somehow problems and issues. First of all, from a place of wanting to hear the story, even customers who would like to support so I would like your support,
First of all, please contact us.

step of project management consulting

1. Analysis of the current status
trend of your company’s human resources, organizational culture, to proceed with the analysis of the problems and challenges that are happening.

2. Build relationships of trust
in the project management consulting, one of the mountain, it is to build the relationship of trust that is born from the discussion over your company and our slowly and carefully time.
Mechanisms and, also by making full use of the framework, is if it is not built a relationship of trust Kontei, what measures does not produce the effect.
While firmly take the communication, deepen the understanding of both (you and our company, everyone and our employees), let’s lead the best of the project theme.
So we will hit with full force, please please firmly caught.

3. Confirmation of the project goal
project manager and (≒ management), we will see the goal of this time of the project.
Whether the aim of the quantitative (sales, operating income and acquire new customers, etc.) project goal,
qualitative or aim a project goal (communication activation next-generation management training and so on of), after confirming the goal, project It will be the start of.

4. Start of the project
we will confirm the start of the project all the participants and the project.
Than the project manager, you place a project goal, to match the direction toward the goal.

5. Facilitation tailored to PJ
you to start the project on a per-project basis.
Management responsibility for the project, is the responsibility of the project leader, to proceed with the project.
Business success story, while looking at the status of the project, we will support.
The reason to intervene while watching the situation, but the achievement of project goals aims of course, the development of the project members also listed as a purpose.
Therefore, so as not too much to reach out to excessive, to build a support system.

6. Progress management of PJ
the progress confirmation meeting of the project will be conducted at a regular.
There is also an important point of project management consulting business success story.
By way of this progress management, pros and cons of the success of the project will be left and right.

7. The goal of the project
make the recital of the goal of the project.
Each of the project, carried out the results recital of the project, do the closing of the project.
We will produce a chance of oneself and others approval.

project structure (for example)

System of organization and human PJ _ver4

flow of your contract

1. Inquiry
once, please contact us. Sales staff is I would like to visit, I would like you an overview of the project management consulting.

2. Application
Once we acknowledge the consulting contents, you will your application.
Your application and at the same time, we also entered into at the same time your contract of confidentiality contracts.

3. All meetings of the start time
will determine the specific start time of the start of the project period.

consulting fee

Employee scale to 100 people up to 300,000 yen (consumption tax) / month

I would like to quote depending on the employee scale 100 people – more than tackle project scale.