Company Private Trip

Management, human resources department of you, or you do not want to cultivate patiently able to work human resources at the Hungry?

Long period of time, or you do not want to nurture human resources to work to become the company’s key man-core human resources?

Education and training to learn from real experience is an educational program that make up the basic ability of before building up skills.

Companies like you started to think, “I say because grown in my own company,” also, because it is a program that is impressed so instead of the students after the end of the course, we look forward to it where you can by all means the students.

So why now, or education programs, including a hands-on learning is the need, I want to tell sprinkled with development challenges of the young generation.

A major feature of one of the new members of society, can not establish the identity (self-identity), it will be raised that they’ve come out to society in a very mentally unstable state.


Previously, junior high, high school, through college, collide with the surrounding touching of congenial, also, the discussion in between those who have a different opinion “he someone” was established.

To be mutually exchanged views, because the need to worry about was not so much, it is that Iae that I want to say freely. It is now the 20-year-old before and after generation, has a living while we Sako required to spend while errand mind around. As a major factor to live while errand care unconscious, social networks will be raised. So far, it spreads in the epithets are Chikashii range born from the skirmish of each other friends was common, now will show the spread of a scale that can not do in the epithets of the surrounding through the Internet. Spread at a level that can not be had in the individual alone. To that end, it is penetration is possible to construct a very carefully the relationship with the surroundings.

2014, and ask to talk to the new society of joining fiscal 2015 “will continue working in exploring explore. The show really is, 3, is four years later,” and you talk align the mouth.
That confront without fear in society, is now the social reality is too risk is they’ve become too large.
Because it does not have to try to stop the tide of this Internet society, we must take firmly the correspondence for the new society that is not able to establish the identity.

Then, due to communication tools such as social networks, it has delayed the development of communication skills to survive the business community. Would complete in Short-circuited tuning “Likes”.

In the Internet community, communication to feel the emotion that face-to-face to face is now very low. Therefore, it is obtained in the business community “its own thoughts to achieve a clearly communicated purpose to the other party” and struggling to take the communication.

Communication of the business community, to tell their own thoughts to the opponent, As you have a common recognition while performing a sliding fit of “knowledge and experience” of its own and the other party, we need to take a communication .

“Knowledge” is so pervasive the Internet is only this, a wide range of shallow “knowledge” There is. However, “experience” is now the young generation is missing is overwhelmingly experience. Witnessing the collapse of Lehman Brothers, from when young, not wipe the future of anxiety, no longer is an exciting experience, such as seemingly reckless.
In addition, since this is the only tough market conditions, the company is afraid of failure, it will not be so young to piled the experience to be a failure. Boss or senior to the anticipating, will do all.

Reality and non-reality of the world skillfully navigate knight, whether the knowledge based on practical learning and experience, whether the knowledge by the simulated experience in the virtual world, is that it has become difficult to distinguish fact.
So nice, even little by little, you need create an environment to stack experience.

To the conditions for independence as a member of society,

  1.  How you can contribute or organize and encourage capacity by their own ability to ability → society to consider the social meaning of occupational work among the self
  2. Basic human ability → communication skills that can be leveraged in the profession
  3. It raised the professional skills required for the occupation.

And the establishment of self-identity that let me listed as a problem of the young generation, improvement of communication skills, will be a major cornerstone to realize the large-boned growth.

Important establishment of identity, is a real experience that shakes the mind!