Kaiyodai Observatory

The Best Sight of Nakashibetsu, the top 5 Observation Decks in Hokkaido by TripAdvisor. East Hokkaido 360º Observatory with 270 m. height from the sea when you stand on the top, you'll see the curve of the planet. It is where you prove that The World is real Sphere!

If you like the panoramic view from the height, Kaiyodai is one of the best observatory deck in Shibetsu you must go. During Summer, more than 1,000 cows are spreaded around Pasture Field contrast with Cloud & Grassy Ground. If you are hungry, there are some stall open to selling food and snacks. Also Caffe Kaiyodai is touristic most visit where soft-cream costs 300 yen per cone.

During Winter, Ranch is all covered by the snow. You can feel being hugged by the snow mountain from the back of Kaiyodai Observatory. Please be reminded that -12ºC is the lowest temp. so don't forget to bring warm winter coat! Oh! and Caffe Kaiyodai is always closed during this winter period.

Lastly, must not miss to ring the Kaiyodai Bell of Happiness in front of the observatory, kindly bring your sweetheart there, ring & wish for a love happiness!

Opening Hour:Observatory (24hr.) / Caffe Kaiyodai (9:00 - 17:30)
Closed:Caffe Kaiyodai(Late October - Late April)
Access:15 min. drive from Nakashibetsu Airport.
Entrance Fee:Free!
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