Organisational Design Service

POOC consulting definitive organization design (Organization design)

Whether it produced the maximum performance that can be achieved in the hills is in that environment.

Since the environment is constantly changing, it may previously become obsolete as to what is inappropriate thing was optimal.

Therefore, the organization design of the enterprise, and the capabilities that can respond to environmental change, it will be asked to include a code of conduct to effectively execute the strategy.

Strategy and organization is functioning, we will find the appropriate organization design.

Organization visual

bss organization_ver1

It is above all important to build an “innovation” and the organization to balance the “steady execution”.

The organization visual, is that going to build a structure, including those represented in the organization chart.

Vertical boundary and horizontal boundary of the company, the duties to function, and assembled to the Division.

It is important to show the people of ties to realize the business strategy.

For each growth stage of the company, different from the typical organizational chart, draw the organization design,

Way of business, will continue to clarify the way of business.

Optimization of the value chain

People that make up the organization is carried out in meeting the needs of our customers

Value chain, responsible for business activities under certain division of labor and coordination of a mechanism that is with product development, procurement, manufacturing, distribution and sales.

Business activities of the people in the organization there is a continuity, information transmission, decision-making, we must be made the execution of the process, such as instructions.

It aims to optimize the value chain that make up the continuity.