2 Farms you must Visit

Kondo San, the owner of Tokushima’s Japanese Homestay called “Strawberry House". He drove us high to the top of mountain where his Tomatoes and Strawberries Farm located.


Visit Strawberry Farm

The Greenhouse of Strawberry is 1,000 metres above sea level which is the great place to plant strawberry. Each year during end of May to June, every greenhouses on this plateau will do Summer & Autumn Strawberries harvesting. But only Strawberry Greenhouses of Kondo San that can do harvest for whole year. Because from December to June he use forcing technique and during June to December he use cold upland technique to both grow his strawberry.


With those methods of planting strawberry, he was received the 日本で初めて一年中イチゴを収穫 (1st Time Japan Harvesting Strawberry for all year round) from

tokushima-strawberry mochi-experience

The taste of Strawberry here is unique sweet and sour which Kondo San also bring his strawberry to let people do Strawberry Mochi and Strawberry Smoothie. 

Visit Tomatoes Farm

The palace of someone who love tomatoes not only the great scenery out there but also red, orange, green colours are painted around by these little tomatoes.

This tomatoes is planted in the greenhouse over 1,000 metres above sea level too, with great temperature and good soil with full of nutrition make this ripe tomatoes taste very delicious. 


Tomatoes here in Tokushima is the side dish when we eat Soba, which actually it’s good combination. Between shoyu soup and soba noodle contrasted with the taste of tomatoes very well.

Honestly, I’m not the person who likes tomatoes and I believe that most of people in this world doesn’t like it too because its SMELL! But trust me most, Tomatoes here in Tokushima is different. It has little sweet and mild sour flavour. And this crunchy raw tomatoes has most important feature is it’s SMELL GOOD!


For someone who hate Tomatoes like me, you better give it a try and for someone who love it, plant it, take care of it, pick and eat it, you will change the perspective of tomatoes.


If you want to visit those farms you can take half day experience.

Farming Experience Fee :
¥2,500 /person

Time :
• 8:00 - 12:00
• 13:00 - 17:00


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